Sari mejia santo

Grandmaster Instructor Trainer (Level I)

Next to her mother Romana, she is the most acclaimed Pilates instructor of true Pilates. Sari also worked directly with Joe and Clara Pilates. When Sari was nine years old, she got rheumatic fever that caused many physical complications and ultimately led her into a plaster cast for 7-9 months. Even though the family was still in Peru, Romana was able to help her child rebuild her strength and get even stronger than ever.

Sari also shares her mothers life long passion for teaching others the original true Pilates method. After being introduced to Pilates through her alignment, Sari required a talent for it. She first admired it because it had helped her so much and then she saw what she could do to help other people physically and mentally. She was young when she came to the US and started to work at the Pilates studio with the guidance of Uncle Joe and Clara, and taught the method at her mothers side consistently since she was in her teens. Sari splits her time at True Pilates NY, as well as Romana’s Pilates home studio. She has and continues to travel all over the world teaching instructors and clients in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian and some German!