Stage 0 “Initial Assessment”

At Romana’s Pilates we understand that each applicant comes to us with highly variable levels of experience and knowledge in the Pilates method. As a result, we do not place an emphasis on how many lessons or observation hours you’ve fulfilled with us before you’re eligible to enroll in our instructor training program (ITP). It is our belief that each applicant should be evaluated on an individual level then provided a training plan that takes into account their cumulative experience, individual needs, life goals, existing knowledge and current capability as an instructor. While this may not be the best approach to maximize revenue from private lessons, we believe this is the best approach for aligning our instructor training program with each applicant’s specific needs and capabilities.

ITP enrollment is limited to students who’ve been formally assessed and cleared to participate by an authorized instructor. Persons approved to perform initial assessments include instructors with a current Level I, II, III or IV instructor rating from Romana’s Pilates. In situations where applicants are assessed but not cleared to enroll in the IITP, the instructor that performed the Initial Assessment must provide the applicant with a summary of their assessment regarding their current level of competency and ability, as well as what activities will need to be completed before the applicant can be re-assessed for enrollment.