Janice dulak

Master Instructor Trainer (Level II)

Janice Dulak’s dancing career led her to Romana Kryzanowska in 1989, where she began her Pilates training in New York. She was certified by Romana to teach in 1993 and opened her first studio in Columbia, Missouri. At the request of Romana, she became an Instructor Trainer in 2001. Janice has presented at the yearly Conventions since 2001, teaching seminars such as: Pilates for Dancers, Pilates for Athletes, Pilates-Creating long, strong muscles, Pilates for Riders, The Reverse C-Curve, and her most recent popular PowerPoint “Clientology” and “The Psoas.” Now in Illinois and Florida, she is the Level II Instructor at the Dulak Pilates Center in Champaign and at her Ruby Rose Farm in Ocala Florida. Her work reflects the Pilates lineage from Joseph, to Romana, to Janice herself. Janice’s work is dedicated to the teachings of Joseph Pilates with a deep commitment to Romana’s Pilates.