Cynthia lochard

Grandmaster Instructor Trainer (Level I)

Born in New York City, Cynthia began learning The Pilates Method in 1976 as a young dancer with the New York City Ballet. During this time she practiced Pilates at Joseph Pilates’ studio with Romana. By the end of 1987 Cynthia moved to Sydney and from 1990-1992 she continued her dance career with the Sydney Dance Company and later with Bangarra Dance Theatre. In 1994 she returned to New York to study as an instructor under the guidance of her teacher and mentor Romana Kryzanowska, one of the last remaining disciples of Joseph H. Pilates.

Returning to Sydney later that year as a certified instructor of the true Pilates method, Cynthia opened The Pilates Method Studio and Training Centre in Surry Hills, Sydney Australia. Cynthia began her teacher training in 1998 and in 2009 Cynthia became one of only four Grandmasters. Cynthia has trained all the true Pilates instructors operating in Australia today and continues to travel the world, sharing her vast wealth of knowledge visiting studios and conducting seminars.